Posted this onJan 05, 2014      by Suzannah   
I love this sling.  Having a pip squeak of a 6 month old I like to carry him rather than put him in a pram.  The instant I put him in he was happy he could snuggle mummy.  Or watch his big brother if he chose to.  He does not seem smothered by it (another sling I had seemed to cover his face far to much for my liking) and its nice and soft for him too.  Sits him up enough to see around. Its light weight and padded nicely.  No pulling down which is great for me with a bad back and shoulder. I even chucked my 3 year old in it, in the hip position and he loved it too.  Which surprised me being mr independent LOL.  Wish I had of had it for my first two kids.

Are you looking for a European style, safe, easy to use baby carrier or baby sling which can be used from newborn up to 3 – 4 years of age, don’t look any further! Kiekaboo Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor for the safe, ergonomic 4 in 1 innovative Minimonkey baby carrier and Australia’s nr 1 selling Minimonkey baby sling since 2009. Kiekaboo has also expanded its range with the New Minimonkey Mini chair

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